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Don't forget the birds! - Winter food for birds.

January usually brings with her the start of a cold snap. Even the hardiest of gardeners maybe a little reluctant to step outdoors. But don your winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves and pop out to have a quick check of your garden, if only to admire the beauty of the frosty landscape, the fresh air and most importantly to feed all the birds.

In January, any bushes or trees that had any berries will soon be wiped clean. Sources of food can be scarce this time of year, and so it's important to make sure all bird feeders are kept topped up. High energy foods such as peanuts, other nuts and suet balls are a great source of energy and can help make the difference in winter.

Frozen or dried fruit can also be fed to birds as a substitute for fresh berries. Check out the guide below for more information.

Once this Job is done, reward yourself with a cuppa while you watch the birds tuck in.

Winter Jewels

What a joy to be working in the gardens today at Ings. The start of winter jewels of February in the woodland garden. The buttery yellow of wild primrose (primula vulgaris), deep violet blue flowers of lungwort (pulmonaria officinalis) sitting proud of their white speckled foliage, and in the background, the shiny evergreen leaves of Skimmia bushes (Skimmia × confusa 'Kew Green') with masses of tiny white flowers that will serve to feed pollinators in later months.

Icing of the cake was seeing a ‘banditry’ of blue tits doing their acrobatics on our feeders in the wildlife garden. One even took a peep in a nesting box – hope they decide to move in!

Spring Bulbs

Spring equinox may not have arrived quite yet (20/3/2024), but the promise of spring has started to arrive at Ings.

It’s a great time of year to enhance our gardens with early flowering spring bulbs. We specially handpicked our selection to include species of crocus like “Crocus tommasinianus”, “Crocus romance” & “Crocus ruby giant” which will all naturalise beautifully in borders and beds.

The sunshine yellow of wild daffodils “Narcissus pseudonarcissus obvallaris” and winter aconites “Eranthis hyemalis”, with their buttercup like yellow flowers above a collar of foliage can really help brighten any garden.

There is also the added hope of attracting early bees who may emerge on mild days in search of food.

What’s not to love.