At Ings lane garden & water garden centre, we welcome you to view our selection of plants, garden accessories, and materials that will help you design, build and maintain a garden to be proud of.

Our dedicated and helpful garden team are on hand to help and advise, and with a glorious array of foliage and flower colour throughout the growing season, you can choose from our carefully selected plant stock. And with a key range of all other gardening essentials, we have all your gardening basics covered.

Popular Picks

Our garden section


An eclectic collection of stoneware and garden features can be found within our store, from the very modern to a range of traditional styles.

We also stock a selection of self-contained water features for those wanting to add the peaceful effect of moving water to their living space. We also have more urban-esque decorations like our metal and wooden signs.

Why not create some extra character or distinctive style to your outdoor space.


Whether you have a modern container to fill or want a cottage garden border, our garden team are there to guide you through our tempting selection of hand picked plants.

Or if you simply want a peaceful browse through our display gardens to gain ideas for your own outdoor space. Take a seat to plan your own seeds of design.

We stock a large selection of pond plants in the wamer months including an array of oxgenators, marginals, floaters and deep marginals such as waterlillies.


All the basic and specialist composts are stocked in our garden section, plus a varied choice of bagged aggregates, rockery stone, and slates.  Our helpful and knowledgeable staff offer a ‘carry to car’ service, and we can deliver items locally.

We do charge for our delivery service

To help out customers and to offer some inspirations we have designed three demonstration gardens which include water features using materials available from our stock. They have been planted with plants from our current stock to illustrate how plants can be used in different settings.


All your garden care basics are here, from;

  • Weedkiller
  • Plant fertiliser
  • Decoys and vermin control.
  • Garden tools.
  • Seeds
  • Houseplants and Indoor pots

...and much more.

If you need advice on the right choice of item, we are happy to help and advise you.