Sparkling Clean – Winter tidy.

Prepare your garden for the year ahead and keep it in tip top shape.

Be careful where you tread

Most of you may be keen to get into your gardens on dry days to tidy plant borders and potter about. As tempting as that might be, try to hold off walking on lawns or working on borders! The ground is very wet and cold so puddling about will do more harm than good.

Also, as unsightly as old leaves and last year’s growth on herbaceous perennials might be, they serve an important purpose. Old growth act like a barrier in the cooler months, protecting any new growth from frost and too much rain.

Note:- Tender herbaceous may need extra protection from severe frosts. Fleece is ideal for this, or if possible, moving potted plants into a cloche/greenhouse may also help.

If temptation is too strong to give them a tidy, then only cut back old flower stems and leave the old foliage.

Jobs to get on with now. Clean!

  • Patios
  • BBQ areas
  • Decking
  • Paths & Drives
  • Disinfect garden tools, pots, and containers

It’s the perfect time to get out into the garden and do your maintenance tasks, as menial as they may be. Hard surfaces such concrete paths, patios and decking can be tidied up by removing algae, moss, weeds, and grime. Remember little bits of maintenance throughout the year will save you from big jobs later on.

Suitable products are available in store to help clean your surfaces and keep them clean. It's vital to consider the following when using treatments and strong chemicals in your garden.

  • Are they pet safe? Are they safe for ornamental plants nearby? Will they be detrimental to wildlife? Will run off be an issue?

Try to consider what effect any chemical treatments you use may have on the surroundings and always read the instructions carefully!

For those conscience of using treatments, manual cleaning is a viable option. A good jet wash is ideal for cleaning hard surfaces of moss, dirt and grime, and even buckets of water and a sturdy brush will suffice in a pinch.