Berries for birds

Don’t forget the birds when your pick your own fruit!

One for me, one for you. Leave some food for the birds

It’s been a great year for berries so far, and we’re definitely getting bumper crops. There should be plenty for us to take, while still leaving some behind for the birds to enjoy. Why not take the easily accessible berries and leave the higher fruits for the birds to get. Keep in mind, squirrels might also help themselves!

Save some for later

You can freeze any surplus fruit, such as brambles, blackberries or even elderberries, to put out for the birds later on in the year. If you can safely leave berries out in the sun to dry (without attracting vermin) or dehydrate them using your oven, then it’s possible to make your own fat balls for the birds to enjoy during the winter. Fat balls are a fantastic source of fats and carbohydrates at a time when there isn’t as much food available.

Use any excess apples

Apples are another great source of food for birds and better yet, you can use windfall crop! Simply cut up the apple into smaller pieces and place somewhere safe from vermin. Like berries, apples can be a great source of vitamins and carbohydrates for the birds.

Provide other sources of berries

There are many different types of trees and shrubs that will produce berries for the birds to eat, and even though not all of them are edible to humans, they can still become a prominent part of your garden.
Some popular options that you can add to your garden to provide some berries include
Pyracantha, Ivy, Holly, Callicarpa, Cotoneaster, Sambucus