We are passionate about aquatics! Whether you are new to the hobby, or an avid pond keeper, we really are the place to visit. With a great choice in pond fish, an outstanding collection of pond plants, a full range of pond equipment, and everything in between, we’ve got it all covered.


We have a varied selection in our pond fish section, including;

  • Assorted sizes of Koi
  • Comet, Shubunkins & Sarasa goldfish
  • Gold & Green Tench
  • Blue and Gold Orfe
  • Mirror, Common & Grass carp

All livestock are fully quarantined on site by us and given a full health check before going on sale.

We really are ‘The home of happy fish!’


With a wide range of pond filters on the market it can be a daunting choice, but we are here to help. Let one of our pond experts guide you through the choices available, so you can select the correct one for you and your pond. We stock Internal, Pressurised, Gravity, Fluid bed and Drum filters. There is a pond pump for every pond, whether it be a small water fountain pump, or an external, dry run pump to power a filtration for a large pond.

We give full and clear advice and offer great after sales service, for any further information or questions you may have with your filtration system.


Our vast array of pond plants, in season, will have you spoilt for choice.

Our extensive range includes oxygenators, bunched and potted, marginals, floating plants and water lilies.

Our knowledgeable team can help advise on wildlife friendly or native selections, plus general tips on re-potting, end of season care and annual maintenance.


We stock a good range of pond fish food, and can advise on what food to feed at different times of the year. A wide range of bag and tub sizes are available, plus we stock various pellet, stick and flake mixes.

Diet is important for your fish, so make sure you are feeding the correct food, as this is vital to their health and growth. We are always happy to advise you on the right food for your fish.


A large range of treatments are available in store to treat a host of different pond problems and common fish ailments. Get sound advice on anything from algae problems to sick fish.

We can guide you on the best course of treatment for your pond problem, and help identify what is going wrong if you have fish health or water quality issues with your pond. Our expert advisors are always available for a chat.