September pruning

Last opportunity of the year to do any necessary pruning of evergreens before the frosts start. Evergreens, such as conifers usually have one more foliage growth surge in september because the ground is still warm enough for root growth and top growth.

Late summer or early autumn are the ideal time to do this last prune of the year for your evergreens. During this last growth surge the pruning cuts will heal and there are usually no frosts just yet to harm the new tender growth.

When pruning always remember the Three D’s Dead, Diseased & Damaged

If you encounter any of the three D’s, it’s important to prune, regardless of the time of year. Preventing disease is always top priority and can save not only the damaged plant but potentially surrounding plants too.

Evergreen - Definition

A plant that keeps it’s greenery all year round, even during autumn and winter.

How to prune

Evergreens can be a major part of any landscape whether they are used as hedging or solitary specimens. Pruning to encourage desired shape can be done by pruning above a node, which will encourage new side shoots and a denser habit. Ensure your secateurs are sharp and clean to avoid excess damage or disease.

Here are our top three picks for evergreens.