We specialise in giving nature a helping hand. Whether it be aiding birds with food, feeders & nests or creating the perfect living nature garden to attract all sorts of our native fauna. As an aquatic garden centre we are well stocked in all needed to create your perfect wildlife pond, garden border or natural area.
We also have several display gardens if you need some inspiration!

Wildlife care

Amphibian Care, Bird Baths, Bird Feeders, Bird Nest boxes, Bird Stations, Hedgehog Care, Pollinator Care, Wild Bird Food.

Wildlife ponds

Bog Plants, Pond Accessories, Pond Aggregates, Pond liner, Pond Plants, Pond Soil, Preformed Ponds, Water Plant Accessories.


Bee Friendly Plants, Butterfly Friendly Plants, Plants for Beneficial Predatory Insects, Native Plants, Berries for Birds, Insect Nests.