Winter jewels

An exciting start for the new year in the garden, parks & woods is the emerging of Snowdrops, Winter aconites and early flowering varieties of narcissus. Why not add a splash of winter interest to your garden with snowdrops.

In the green

Snowdrops can be bought as bulbs in September – October, but many people prefer to wait till January onwards to buy them “in the green”. This is when the bulbs are in a plant pot and the green leaf shoots are showing above the surface of the compost.

Buying the bulbs “in the green” provides extra surety you have healthy bulbs, and the variety is as labelled.

Finding the right Spot for Snowdrops

Snowdrops are ideal for

  • Woodland
  • Alpine/scree gardens
  • Lawns/borders.
  • Pot Displays

Areas to Avoid

  • Water logged soil
  • heavy soil
  • High traffic areas (livestock or pets)

One way to see the impact of snowdrops is to go to a "snowdrop walk".  You will be amazed how many public gardens, country houses and even priories open their gates to the public to see.

Swathes, banks, and blankets of snowdrops, these delicate white jewels defy the temperatures to shine.

One such place local to east Yorkshire is Burton Agnes Hall. A particular favourite of our plant lady (and her lovely pooch). Another is Londesborough priory near Market Weighton and for a choice display of hellebore collection, Hodsock priory is one of the best.

We currently have some potted snowdrops on sale near our new woodland garden. We've even planted some snowdrops in to our woodland garden for an added winter interest. We created our woodland garden last year to show what can be achieved in a small garden or a woodland, shady area in a larger garden.

Why not come and have a look!