Keep Bees & Butterflies happy, fed, and watered

Love our pollinating friends? Here are some quick tips on how to give pollinators a helping hand during summer.


Butterflies have a bit a sweet tooth, so why not give them a little snack while they’re in your garden. Butterfly feeder are ideal as they can be placed wherever you need in a garden and can be topped up with sugar water.

Let them have a drink!

Shallow dishes are a great way to help provide some water for all insects, but especially pollinators. Make sure to place some pebbles or bits of slate in to make sure they can get in and out of the water if they need to.

Gimme Shelter

As we get later into the season and begin to plan for Autumn and Winter it’s important to think about how we can provide shelter. Bamboo canes and other small hollows are ideal for providing shelter, especially during the colder months.

Deadhead flowering herbaceous perennials

Deadheading constantly flowering plants will reward you and our pollinator friends with an abundance of flowers throughout the summer. Some popular plants you can do this for include

Buddleias, Lavender, Nepeta, Echinacea, Eryngium and Echinops