New Pure SludgeBomb by Evolution aqua

Digests sludge and reduces pond maintenance

Excessive sludge build up can cause imbalances in the pond ecosystem leading to several issues such as algae blooms, reduced water quality, reduced oxygen levels, odour and aesthetics.

PURE Sludge Bomb contains millions of beneficial bacteria and natural enzymes that rapidly break down and digest sludge and organic waste.

How To Use PURE Sludge Bomb?

Simply drop the PURE Sludge Bomb with the activating gel directly into your pond or filter.

  Cleans up organic waste and digests sludge

  Reduces pond and filter maintenance

  Helps to convert ammonia and nitrite

  Creates a more oxygen-rich pond environment

For best results:

  Maintain your pond water pH above 7

  Check that your Chlorine level reads 0

  Perform regular water changes

When to use:

Use PURE Sludge Bomb during spring when the pond comes to life and during Autumn to help the pond be ready for the winter.

Regular use will help to prevent excessive sludge build up and reduce filter maintenance.

Pure Sludge Bomb can be bought on it's own or as duo pack with a Pure Bomb. Now available Instore.