Water testing series

Testing water is an essential part of fish keeping, although sometimes neglected. In this series, we're going to help explain the major water parameters. We'll run through what they mean, what causes them and how to maintain healthy parameters.

Testing your water.

Its impossible to see what levels of ammonia, nitrite or nitrate are present in our water just by looking at it. We need to test water with accurate testing kits for each parameter to be able to detect these levels. The same is also true when it comes to determining the pH and hardness of our water, whether that be general hardness or carbonate hardness. In order to keep aquarium and pond fish alive and healthy, we must maintain the best water parameters possible.

Always test, not just your aquarium/pond water, but your tap water frequently to ensure they are at optimal levels. Remember, prevention is better than the cure!

We're always happy to help and advise our customers with keeping healthy aquariums and ponds. Come and have a chat with a member of staff for more information.