FiltoClear Pressure filters

The New and improved FiltoClear range of pressurised filters from OASE. Now even easier to install, clean and maintain. Available instore as stand-alone filters or filter sets including a premium filter pump.

Can be discreetly hidden due to compact Pressure Design and can also be placed beneath water level outside of the pond.

Every Model in the FiltoClear range can be placed below water level due to their pressure design. This allow much greater freedom with placement and installation of the filter unit.
FiltoClear pressurised filters come with a selection of 'hosetails' and fittings that allow for discreet connections into and out of the filter, as well as a dedicated waste outlet.

Multiple grades of sponge allow for full mechanical and biological filtration, while the Ultraviolet (UV) Bulb eliminates single cell green algae leading to crystal clear water.

Some of the new and improved FiltoClear range now come with a third grade of sponge to add an even greater level of mechanical and biological filtration when compared to older generations of the range.
Changing media has also been made drastically easier thanks to a sturdy plates and guide pieces.

The FiltoClear range are all very easy to clean by simply turning a dial to divert the flow and lifting the handle to compress the sponges.

Like many other brands of pressurised filters, the FiltoClear can be cleaned without opening up the unit, or turning off the pond pump! Using the diverted flow the waste water can be pumped out of the filter, while the sponges are contracted via the handle.
Each model in the FiltoClear range comes with clear 'hosetails' which can be used on the return and waste outlet so you can see the clarity of the water.