Ornamental Aquarium Snails

Snails are not always a pest! Here are some of our favourite ornamental snails for your aquarium.

Tylomelania gemmifera

pH : 7-8.4
kH : 4–10
Temp : 24–28

Sulawesi snails

Max size 4cm
Diet Omnivore
Breeding Possible in freshwater
Other names ‘Golden Horned Snails’, ‘Elephant Snail’ or ‘Rabbit Snail’

Filopaludina martensi

pH : 7-8.4
kH : 4–12
Temp : 22–26

White wizard snails

Max size 5cm
Diet Omnivorous – algae, filter micro detritus from food, vegetable matter
Breeding common – small broods between 5 and 20. These snails practise viviparity (embryo is developed inside the mother and so offspring are not left in an egg).
Other names ‘livebearer snails’, 'Ghost wizard snails', 'white trapdoor snails'.

Clithon diadema

pH : 7-8.4
kH : 8-12
Temp : 22–28

Porcupine snails

Max size 3cm
Diet herbivorous (algae, biofilm, vegetable/algae supplements)
Breeding Need brackish/saltwater to breed.
Other names ‘Horned Nerites', 'Antler Nerites'

Clea Helena

pH : 7-8.4
kH : 6-12
Temp : 22–26

Assassin Snails

Max size 2cm
Diet omnivore – Algae, biofilm, live food, other snails! Eggs!
Breeding common, unlikely to overpopulate an aquarium once food reserves get low.
Other names ‘Bumble Bee Snail'