Nano Aquariums

These aquariums are perfect for a betta fish or a dedicated shrimp setup.

Nano aquariums & betta setups

Nano or mini aquariums have become very popular over the years, especially as a setup for a Siamese fighting fish (betta) or a shrimp tank. Nano aquariums are usually very lightweight and can be kept in a variety of places that a bigger tank might not be able to.

A betta setup is usually very easy! Betta’s prefer low flow, low-medium lighting and a peaceful setup! We usually recommend keeping bettas on their own (this is the easiest way), although they can have some tankmates, if there is room in the aquarium. Bettas are curious fish, décor is always a good idea, and plants can also be beneficial.

A shrimp setup is very similar to a betta setup, both in terms of equipment and tank mates. It is even more important to research tank mates for shrimp as they can be predated on very easy when young, or moulting.

Superfish Home 8

The Home 8 is a plug and play mini aquarium with integrated light and filter. This mini aquarium (8 litres) features easy to replace filter cartridges and can be made tropical with the addition of a small heater (sold separately).

Each aquarium comes complete with lighting and filtration (heater sold separately)

(W 20.5cm x D 20.5cm x H 25.7cm)

Aqua one betta Oasis

A complete glass aquarium with some plastic décor. The betta oasis is a perfect aquarium for a starter betta setup or a seasoned aquarist. This setup has everything needed to start!
Each aquarium comes complete with lighting, filtration, heater, food, water conditioner and some decorations.

(W 31cm X D 20cm X H 26cm)

Aqua one Betta Sanctuary

This nicely compact aquarium holds 10 litres and is ideal for a desktop or countertop.  This is a modern looking glass nano aquarium.

Each aquarium comes complete with lighting, filtration, and a preset heater.

(W 22.4cm X D 22.4cm X H 26.3cm)

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