Many options of food are available in this range including foods for, general community fish, species specific and insect-based foods.

The Novo Pro range by JBL are specially formulated with carefully selected sources of fibre to enhance the health of the beneficial bacteria used for digestion.

  • No artificial additives. All ingredients are naturally sourced after vigorous research and testing in natural habitats.
  • Perfect for picky feeders. High quality ingredients are used within the Novo Pro range (salmon, shrimp, insect meal, etc) leading to a high acceptance from even some of the pickier feeders.
  • Great for enhancing colour. Ingredients such as spirulina, krill, and other natural sources of dietary colour enhancing compounds (astaxanthins, carotenoids, etc) make this food ideal for bringing out the best colouration in your fish.

To minimise plastic waste, JBL have introduced new eco-friendly packaging for the smaller sizes of this food. These are ideal for trying before buying bigger containers.
Now available in-store.