Tropical fish spotlight this week.

Here's our pick of whats looking good in our tropical fish room.  Call us instore for upto date stock levels and stock enquires.

Glass Catfish

A good 'oddball' community fish that's best kept in groups as they are shy when kept singly or in pairs. Feed well on quality flakes/pellets or live/frozen treats. Planted aquariums are particularly good setups for these fish as the plants will provide shelter and provide shade from intense lighting.

Max Size - 3in/7.5cm

Panda Garra

These are an active addition to either a temperate or a tropical tank. They will mix well with medium or larger sized community fish, they do eat algae but need a good mix of sinking pellet, algae wafers and enjoy 'wormy' live or frozen food. Keep either on their own or in groups of 3 or more to avoid bullying. Well oxygenated water is a must and as they grow to around 3" a 100 litre+ aquarium is ideal.

Max Size - 3.5in/8.8cm

Taiwanese dragon micro goby

Suitable for community aquariums with no competitive bottom feeders such as corydoras, loaches or cichlids. They will feed on small sinking pellets, but live/frozen food should be used often. Their preferred setup would include highly oxygenated water and moderate flows of water.

Max Size - 2in/5cm

New additions

Emperor Tetra

Red Lizard Whiptail

Dwarf Gourami

Harlequin Rasbora

Long-Finned WCMM

Angel Fish

Yellow Fire Shrimp

Red Wag Platy

Come visit us for more information on care for tropical fish or upto date information on what we have in stock.

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