Tropical fish Spotlight

Trewavas' Cichlid

Labeotropheus trewavasae

Add some colour to your Malawi cichlid aquarium with these Labeotropheus trawavasae. Best kept in an aquarium with plenty of rocks and crevices for them to dwell and graze algae from. Best fed on a diet rich in vegetable and algae matter such as spirulina flake. Occasional live food ‘treats’ can be given but should not be fed too frequently. Malawi Cichlids are best kept in aquariums with a high stock level, (“overstocking”) contrary to normal fish keeping standards.

Temperament : - Aggressive/Rift Valley Cichlid Aquariums only
Minimum Aquarium Size : - 250 litres+
Recommended Temperature : - 24c – 28c
Best kept in :- 3+ (2 females/1 male)
Diet : - Veg/algae Flake, Malawi pellets, live food.
Max Size : - 17cm

Now Available in our Tropical fish room. Subject to stock. Please contact the shop to confirm stock if your interested.