PromoSuperfish Quadro 40

A beautiful and modern aquarium,
designed for ease of use.

  • Capacity - 28 Litre
  • Measurements - 45 x 25 x 35.7 cm
  • Lighting - 12W, PAR 223, IP24
  • Filter - Corner Filter 50
  • Heater – Not Included

The SuperFish Quadro 40 comes with 7-colour lighting, allowing you to set the right mood in your room!

The stylish Quadro, a contemporary aquarium meticulously crafted for effortless usability, perfect for individuals seeking a stunning aquarium without having to do extensive maintenance. Experience the beauty of Quadro, where simplicity meets elegance, allowing you to enjoy your aquatic oasis with minimal effort.

A perfect blend of style, efficiency, and functionality.

The SuperFish Quadro is a modern aquarium, designed for ease of use and ideal for people looking for a beautiful aquarium but wanting to spend little time on maintenance. 

The integrated filter system keeps the aquarium water clean and features space for the aquarium heater, which can thus be mounted safely and out of sight.

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