Oase BioSmart Sets 7,000

  • 2,500 LPH, 40 watt, water pump
  • 9 Watt UVC clarifier
  • Flow through filter with several filter foams
  • Complete filtration setup including display to show temperature and pollutant levels
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A range of complete filtration system including a solid handling pump, UVC clarifier and a flow through filter. This range has a model suitable for ponds from 5,000 litres, all the way up to 36,000 (This number is based on the maximum value for ponds without fish, plants and in a low sun position).

Very easy to maintain and clean with a water pollutant display and temperature display. Each system is optimally matched. We recommend when considering using these sets for koi ponds or full stocked ponds, to take the model number and divide it by 4.

For example

BioSmart 5,000 is suitable for a Koi pond of 1,250 litres

BioSmart 14,000 is suitable for a Koi pond of 3,500 litres  



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Weight 5 kg

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