Hozelock Bioforce Revolution 9,000

An advanced pressurised filter with UV clarifier and unique no fuss cleaning system.

Key Benefits Include:

  • No fuss cleaning – simply turn the handle to clean
  • 3 step filter process to provide clear and healthy water
  • Integrated UVC bulb eliminates green water

Max pond size – 18,000 LTR (3,960 GALS)
Recommended Pump Size – 6,000 LTR (1,320 GALS)
UVC Bulb – 24w
Hose Diameter – 25-40mm (1″-1.5″)

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The ultimate no fuss cleaning system.

The Bioforce Revolution is an advanced pressurised filter with UV clarifier, perfect for keeping a clear and healthy pond. The Bioforce Revolution features a patented, easy clean system and is combined with a 3 step filter process to provide clear and healthy water guaranteed:

  1. High power UV Clarifier eliminates green water
  2. Mechanical Filtration – CypriCube foams with +50% surface area ensure clear water and facilitate easy cleaning mechanism
  3. Biological Filtration – Kaldnes K3 biological media preserves beneficial bacteria in its large surface area, to maintain healthy water

For the complete pond filtration system the Bioforce Revolution can be combined with the Aquaforce range of solids handling pumps and this system is backed by the Hozelock Cyprio Clearwater Guarantee.

No more dirty hands – Simply turn the handle to activate the internal cleaning blades that separate solids from the CypriCube foams. Then turn the switch to flush the waste material outside the pond. Good bacteria is preserved as filters are cleaned using pond water.

Pressurised filtration without clogging or flow loss – Unique CypriCube foam filters effectively remove waste but do not clog like traditional foam filters.

Bioforce Revolution is pre-assembled – Installation is easy with a new pond or an existing filtration system.

Flexible unit location – The unit can be hidden at the side of a pond or buried in the ground up to the level of hose inlets. Use an Aquaforce filter pump to draw in dirty water from the pond and pump it up to the Bioforce filter. In the Bioforce filter, foam removes particles, Kaldnes biological filtration purifies the water and the UVC eliminates green water. The clear and healthy water leaves the pressurised Bioforce filter and can be pumped up to a higher exit point to create relaxing waterfalls.

Available in 3 different sizes:

Bioforce Revolution 6000UVC for ponds up to 12000 litres (without fish)

Bioforce Revolution 9000UVC for ponds up to 18000 litres (without fish)

Bioforce Revolution 14000UVC for ponds up to 28000 litres (without fish)

Additional information

Weight 9 kg


Hozelock Cyprio 2 Year Guarantee
If this Bioforce Revolution (excluding Lamp) becomes unserviceable within 2 years of the date of purchase it will be repaired or replaced at our option free of charge, unless in our opinion it has been damaged. Liability is not accepted for damage due to accident, improper installation or use. Liability is limited to replacement of the faulty unit. This guarantee is not transferable. It does not affect your statutory rights. To obtain the benefits of this guarantee, firstly contact Hozelock Cyprio Consumer Services (0121 313 1122) who may request that the unit is sent along with proof of purchase directly to
the address below.

Hozelock Cyprio Clearwater Guarantee

For a Hozelock Cyprio Bioforce Revolution when used with the appropriate pump. This guarantee runs for 12 months after purchase, provided that• You have followed the installation and operating instructions.
• You are using equipment of the correct size, according to Hozelock Cyprio’s sizing information.
• You consult our Helpline (0121 313 1122) early enough for any problems to be put right.
• The product has been returned undamaged. A refund can only be authorised by Hozelock Cyprio and is made only at the place of purchase to the value of the purchase price of the filter only. Please note that the Clearwater Guarantee does not cover loss of water clarity when blanketweed, as opposed to greenwater algae, is the cause.


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