Fluval U3 Intenal Filter Media


Specifically designed for the Fluval U3 filter. Equip your Filter to suite your aquarium’s needs.

Biomax – Superior Biological filtration. Fits inside the inner cage cartridge.
Filter foam pad (BIO-FOAM) – Mechanical filtration to keep your water clean
Poly/Carbon Cartridges (POLY-CARB) – Polishing pads with carbon to help detoxify your water while maintaining clear water.
Clearmax (POLY-MAX) – Removes harmful nitrites, nitrates & phosphates to help control green water and algae growth.
Clean & Clear – Special resins designed to reduce phosphates and nitrates. Fits in the centre cage with biomax.

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U3 Clearmax Cartridge (2pcs) A482 £8.79 £7.29 instock
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U3 Filter Foam Pad (2pcs) A487 £6.99 £5.99 instock
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U3 Poly/Carbon Cartidge (2pcs) A491 £7.59 £6.49 instock
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Clean & Clear Cartridge A499 £7.49 £6.49 instock
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Biomax 170g (U2 £6.99 £5.99 instock
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Suitable for freshwater, saltwater or reptile environments.

BIO-FOAM – Filter foam pad – Effectively traps majority of waste and debris. Complex foam Structure maintain consistent water flow and naturally promotes beneficial bacteria growth. Replace every 3 – 6 months.
POLY-CARB – Carbon & polishing pad – Dual action cartridge features separate polyester and carbon layers. Polyester layer traps fine debris and contaminants. Carbon layer filters our harmful toxins, discolorations and odours. Replace every 2 – 4 weeks
POLY-MAX – Clearmax & polishing pad – Helps control green water and unsightly algae growth by adsorbing and trapping phosphate, nitrite & nitrate. Replace every 6 – 8 weeks
BIOMAX – Ceramic filter media – Bio rings have a complex pore system creating an optimal environment where beneficial bacteria can thrive. The BIOMAX bio rings have more capacity than most biological filter media and allow ideal water movement throughout the media, to ensure optimal contact time for efficient biological filtration. It also reduces and controls ammonia and nitrate.
CLEAN & CLEAR – The Fluval Clean & Clear cartridge is packed with special high performance resins, proven to reduce phosphate and nitrate for a cleaner, clearer aquarium and healthier fish. Add to the central Fluval U Cartridge alongside the BIOMAX. Replace Monthly.

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U3 Clearmax Cartridge (2pcs) A482, U3 Filter Foam Pad (2pcs) A487, U3 Poly/Carbon Cartidge (2pcs) A491, Clean & Clear Cartridge A499, Biomax 170g (U2,U3,U4)

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