AquaMax Eco Premium 16,000

  • Can handle debris up to 11mm
  • Build-in protection against dry running and blockages
  • Frost protections down to -20c
  • Secondary input can be used with a satellite filter or surface skimmer and can be manually adjusted.
  • Max head of 5.2 metres
  • Flow rate can be reduced for winter use.
  • 11-145 watts
  • 10 meters of cable
  • 5-Year guarantee when registered with Oase.
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Reliable, energy efficient and elegant. The Aquamax Premium pumps are a brilliant option for those wanting to power a skimmer or satellite in conjunction with drawing water from the filter cage.  The secondary inlet flow can be adjusted to maximise performance. With integrated Environment control, this range will automatically turn off if there is blockage or if the pump detects dry running.

All pumps in the series also feature 10 metres of cable and can be run submerged or dry.



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Weight 5 kg

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