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Our New Planted Aquarium

Our new planted aquarium is up and running we’re ready to add fish, but what should we go for?


We need ONE group of tetra.

We want you to help us decide!



Heres our shortlist. scroll down for the voting poll!

Black phantom tetra

Black Phantom Tetra

Serpae tetra

Serpae Tetra

Glowlight Tetra

Glowlight Tetra

Pristella Tetra

Pristella Tetra

Emperor Tetra

Emperor Tetra

Diamond Tetra

Diamond Tetra

Congo Tetra

Congo Tetra

Lemon Tetra

We will only be putting one type of tetra in our display. Here's your chance to help us decide! Choose any THREE options (1st, 2nd, and 3rd favourite) and click vote. One vote per person (Duplicates will be deleted) Results will be announced Sunday 17th March.

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Ever since the idea of creating a new planted aquarium started late last year, there has been the question that keeps coming up over and over again…

what fish will we be stocking in it?

There has been several suggestions and discussions amongst us all here at ings lane, with everyone having their own favorites (and their own dislikes). The decision was ultimately going to come down to one person, the person who planned, planted and who would maintain it.  The problem with that is that no matter what they chose, it wouldn't be to everyone’s liking. That is why we’re asking you to help us choose! We need to choose one species of tetra to become the feature of our display.

We’ve created a short list of our favorite types of tetra to choose from, and there is quite a difference between some of them! There was a much bigger list of possible fish including; barbs, rasboras, and danios, but Tetras have come on top when we've all narrowed down the list.


The poll will end on the 17th of March at 13:00 and results will be announced as soon as possible on here and facebook page.

4 Comments to “ New Planted Aquarium Fish Poll”

  1. Andy says :Reply

    Can’t wait to see it

    1. Teamings says :Reply

      It’s looking a bit empty at the moment! Plants are set in and once we have a winner it will really look complete. Good luck with your choice!

  2. Craig matthews says :Reply

    Shame you didn’t have Odessa barbs on the short list along with the tetra. Think the Congo’s 💯 as the have a lovely shiner of multiple colours, the serpaes for their glowing red will stand out and the blue emperor to add a colour variety.

    1. Teamings says :Reply

      We originally had Odessa and other barbs on the list with several Rasbora and even Danios. The problem was the list was getting way too big. I think your choices are great! It’ll be interesting which one wins!

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