Malawi Cichlid Window Re-design - now with plants!

After having the same layout in our Malawi window aquarium for years, we decided it needed to be revamped. Now as many Malawi Cichlid keepers will testify, it can be hard to create visually different setup without resorting to artificial plants, ornaments and different coloured rocks. Now obviously there is nothing wrong with this, but it doesn't always look very natural. That's where we decided to use some twisted azalea roots and plants....
Now hear us out, we haven't forgotten that Malawi Cichlids will obliterate vegetation like goats to a field. We've chosen two very strong contenders for Malawi compatibility, Anubias and Crinum. Both plants have tough waxy leaves which tend to be too tough for Malawi's to eat and both plants are happy in a higher pH & kH. 

This setup won't be for everyone as it is far from a biotope, both plants are native to central and west Africa, compared to east African Rift Valley. This setup is mainly to add interest and show that you don't have to be stuck with rock in your setups. Let us know what you think below or come and have a look for yourself.

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