Are you enjoying the abundance of colours of October in your gardens as much as we are in our displays & gardens? Autumn chrysanthemums (pot mums) in red, golds & deep pinks Yellow & chocolate rudbeckias standing proud still attracting wildlife Rich pink butterfly attracting sedums to name but a few.

“As leave summer behind, bring the rich warm floral pinks, oranges & russets of early autumn into your garden borders and patio pots with cyclamen, garden mums and pansies. These can also be complimented with lush foliage of ferns and heuchera.”.

“September, the month that transitions our gardens into a rich glow of warm colours. Deep yellows & terracotta reds of helenium’s. Hot pinks of echinacea’s. Fluffy coreopsis in a sunset yellow. Take some time, slow down and enjoy the stroll through your garden”.

Butterfly magnet

A fabulous shrub for wildlife and perfect for containers or borders is this stunning Cephalanthus or 'Button Bush'. It produces nectar rich flowers loved by bees and butterflies. Its show stopping, perfectly round, globular flowers are actually many tiny tubular flowers, which are heavily scented. In autumn, the flowers turn into small fruits, which are packed with seeds that wild birds will feast on. They prefer acidic soil, so add ericaceous compost when planting. Limited availability.


How gorgeous are these seed packets! There are 27 different varieties in the range. All important plants that attract and support a wide range of pollinators. There are some night flowering plants amongst this collection which are favoured by some species of moths. These seeds would also make lovely gifts 💚

Autumn foliage at it's best.

Beautiful foliage of Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snow Queen' Just starting to turn, they produce a fabulous show of Autumn colour. Commonly known as the 'Oak Leaf Hydrangea' as their large leaves are shaped like Oak leaves. A deciduous shrub, but they look great from spring through to autumn with their showy foliage displays and beautiful big flower heads.


Loved by bees and butterflies, Monarda is a good addition to a wildlife or insect friendly area of your garden. They are a colourful perennial for mixed borders, giving a beautiful display of flowers from summer through to autumn. This range has been specifically bred to be disease free. We have three to choose from, Bee lieve, Bee Happy, Bee True.


These gorgeous perennials flower throughout Summer and into Autumn. Perfect for containers or sheltered rock or alpine gardens. Give them a little Winter protection and you will be rewarded with a fabulous display of colour each year. Find them in our alpine plant section 🙂

Now Available in our Tropical fish room. Subject to stock. Please contact the shop to confirm stock if your interested.