Temporary opening hours

Tuesday - Saturday - 10am - 3pm

Monday & Sunday - Closed

We'll update these hours as and when we need to.
Contact us for more information -      01482 850181

COVID - 19 Restrictions

  • Members of the public CANNOT enter the store. We are doing the following alternatives to help our customers and we ask the following.
    • The outside plant area is open to customers. This is for people to get what they need as quickly as possible, NOT to idle around. Social distancing MUST be followed.
    • We ask that people don't bring too many people at once and if you are going to bring children, please ensure they are kept at your side.
    • We are accepting orders via our website and phone. Orders can be paid for through the website, or paid on collection. Once orders are received we will collect and prepare the orders for collection. We will notify you if your order is ready either through our website protocols or by phone. Please DO NOT assume the order is ready before we notify you, we may have some out of stock's or low stocks to consider.
    • We are serving customers at the front door. We can get what you need and bring it to you at the door. We have queues in place to assist social distancing.
    • We are wearing appropriate PPE equipment. We are also strongly following social distancing.
    • We are sterilising all surfaces and equipment that we can, thoroughly and regularly. We strongly ask that you try to NOT touch any products unless you are going to purchase them.


We are working as hard as humanly possible to serve all of our customers, deal with orders and answer the phone as quickly, efficiently and most importantly, as safely as possible. 

We ask that you have patience with us.

We will NOT tolerate abuse, it's not what we come to work for and we will simply ask you to leave.


Thank you to all of our customers for your understanding. We will get through this together.